'Small business champion 2022"

Inclusive Trade is recognised and awarded as 1 of 4 organisations globally - a joint initiative by the World Trade Organisation (WTO), International Trade Centre (ITC) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

A huge honour and responsibility to be recognised for our work with MSMEs in supporting them in their trajectory to becoming green companies of the future!

Verified for Impact, our vetting methodology brings to the forefront social, environmental and gender impact that micro and small businesses have on their ecosystem and communities. Often these enterprises remain hidden, unable to show their impact leading to a lack of visibility across global value chains.

However, MSMEs make up 90% of all businesses globally and provide over 60% of global employment. They have a direct impact on their local environment and communities and make up over 95% of global value chains. 

Inclusive Trade is recognised globally as small business champion by the WTO, ITC and ICC

We aim to look forward to rolling out our training and vetting process by connecting with local and global partners.