Empowering women and responsibly produced (SDG5 and SDG12)

Beautiful jewellery that changes lives

Restoring Justice Hoops - [product-type] - Inclusive Trade

Restoring Justice Hoops

18K gold-plated stainless steel or stainless steel. 2" hoops and posts.

Today, Fan’s scissors click with confidence behind a hair salon chair. But just a few years ago, she sat in a brothel on “Justice Street’ silently willing the minutes to tick by faster.

When Eden Outreach met Fan, she had been forced to drop out of school. Lacking job prospects, she followed a boyfriend who promised a life of love and luxury… only to manipulate her into prostitution. Under watchful eyes, we gave her a Christmas gift and our phone number. She soon called, inspired by the opportunity to make jewelry.

At Eden, Fan healed in therapy, trained rescued women in making jewelry just like this piece, and trained as a hairstylist. The cogs of justice have ground to a halt on Justice Street. But as our Outreach team continues to visit this dark area, each step we take is a small cog moving toward changing a broken system.

When someone like Fan starts a new life, the gears turn and the clock hands tick toward a time when justice will prevail.

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Positive social and environmental impact (SDG12 and SDG13)

Natural organic bliss by Coraline

The Coraline Collection - Sensational Six Mini Soap Selection - [product-type] - Inclusive Trade

The Coraline Collection - Sensational Six Mini Soap Selection

Feeling spoilt for choice with all of the different scents and colours on display? Do you want to try each soap before you decide on your favourite bigger bar? Or do you and your family all have different skin needs? Whatever your reason, the Coraline Collection is ideal for you and your family.

Have you ever taken a look around your house when your friend or loved one's birthday is coming up and thought, “I really need to get them something, but it’s just too late”? Well, there really is no need for that to happen ever again with our full range of organic and natural soap bars in beautiful and colourful mini pillow packs. Stock up as they really do make the perfect gift; whether you gift all of the soaps, or just one. There is something for everyone in this Sensational Selection.

Multi-purpose, for face and body, they are also ideal for taking on holiday now that things are opening back up. No need to worry about the 100ml rule for your skincare - one of our 25g mini bars will last you for at least 8 full face and body showers, and they are so moisturising that you won’t need any hand cream.

6 x 25g Mini Soap Bars:

  • 1 x Lavender Love
  • 1 x Rosy Radiance
  • 1 x Cinnamon Smooth
  • 1 x Minty Fresh
  • 1 x Calming Chamomile
  • 1 x Nettle Settle



Our blueprint to achieve a sustainable future

SDG5 Gender Equality

SDG5 Gender Equality

Empowering women and girls to ensure their equal rights. Gender Equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a pe...

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SDG13 Climate Action

SDG13 Climate Action

Climate change effects every country on every continent. Our choices will contribute to low-carbon and greener economies.

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