Her message to the world: "She Can"

Seble was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in a family where she was one of six children. From an extremely young age Seble was always inclined to sports, music and art. She got into a lot of trouble with the teachers and her parents through her school years when she was caught drawing instead of applying herself to other subjects. However at the age of 12 her talent was discovered by an art teacher and despite challenges, her work was acknowledged and displayed in the school. This helped her move ahead and develop her passion. By the time she was in high school she had already had a first real exhibition and went onto studying art at the only Ehtiopian Art College to graduate with a BA in Art and a certificate in industrial design.

In addition to painting, she also produces and creates jewellery using local materials and traditional techniques. When asked what inspires her to draw and create, she responded that she is motivated by nature, culture and traditions and believes that everything should co exist in harmony. All her paintings have strong concepts and are based on her experiences and visions of how the world could be. She uses acrylic and oil mainly as her medium of painting. In recent years she has been recognised and her art and paintings have displayed in several locations including the National Museum in Addis Ababa, the US Embassy, Alliance Ethio-Francaise, the Italian Cultural Institute and the Goethe-Instituet One of her best known paintings ‘She Can’ was picked up by the US Embassy in Ethiopia as they celebrated the Women’s History Month in March 2017 and exhibited through the month. She was recently awarded 1st place by the AIAU Ethiopia during the Holeta Mosiac Art Flower Festival.Her advice to aspiring artists is to listen to their heart and to continue inspite of challenges. Being relentless and driven are key attributes according to her and she believes it's a lifelong learning process. Seble currently practises as a full time artist in our studio in Addis Ababa and also sits on the board of ‘Women Artists Association’ in Ethiopia.