The sustainable approach to timeless jewellery

Every piece is a masterpiece when it is made with skill and love, and in an age of fast living, fast food, throwaway fashion and disposable everything, Kristina Smith chose the slow approach to create her timeless jewellery.

Born into an artists family in Hungary, she grew up surrounded by painters and an eccentric actress, and the very personal paintings and heirlooms that decorated her family home will be part of her story for generations to come. Stories are the essence of our existence: Each choice, each decision takes us into a particular direction, and the sum of those choices ultimately becomes our life - the objects that accompany us become part of the journey and will trigger stories themselves in the future.

Kristina used recycled or fair-trade materials from day one: The jewellery business has a particular reputation of capitalism, greed and disregard for the planet through mining, and here the artists passion is a perfect vehicle to not just give us beauty, but to also educate and raise awareness.

A visit to the Alhambra in Granada captivated her imagination, and the eternal beauty of the repetitive patterns, colours and tranquility throughout the palace led her to incorporate these feelings of stillness and eternity into her collections

ethical silver jewellery

Art without a story is meaningless. But as all good art, Kristina's pieces give you room to discover your own emotions, connections and weave them into a story that ultimately makes them part of your life.