Re-balancing the world through transparency

We are delighted to share, that we are now authorised by the United Nations to connect our work clearly and link the official Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) logos to our work. This is a great achievement for us to know that our work is recognised as truly making an impact to the economic empowerment of women, creating transparent supply chains and in supporting climate action. (SDG5, SDG12, SDG13)

We started Inclusive Trade with the aim to build an ethical business model to create a global community encouraging sustainability through lifestyle. Working together with a global network of partners, vendors and suppliers we have tangibly started making the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a reality!

Recent world events have begun to highlight just how interconnected and interdependent the whole world has become. Raw materials, processes, products, supply chains and shipping lines which link producers of goods and consumers have become much more apparent as we begin to understand what it means when supply chains are disrupted. More than ever it is now important to ensure transparency across supply chains to work together to make global trade equitable and inclusive so that everybody benefits and can take care of themselves and their loved ones in these uncertain times.

The SDGs are an urgent call to action by all countries in a global partnership. The United Nations SDGs recognise that ending global poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce gender inequality and spur equitable economic growth globally, whilst working on climate change to preserve our oceans and forests.

SDG 12 calls for responsible consumption and production. You can read more about the SDGs here:

As a core part of our brand and vendor relationship, at work with and promote artisan brands with transparent supply chains. Everything you buy on will generate income for all people working along every stage of the supply chain. With 'open costing' as our in-house method of working, we engage with all our brands through partnering, mentoring, encouraging and inclusion. Through our trusted relationships with each one of our brands, vendors and members, we are consistently building transparent supply chains that increasingly include more and more suppliers across the world. Bringing technology and tradition together, we aim to be part of the process that re-balances the world through responsible consumption and production making #SDG12 a tangible reality!