When cultures create harmony

 Growing up in Pakistan, living in New York and in Mumbai exposed Nasha to the best of Fashion, Art, Architecture, Photography, Textile, Furniture.

Her exposure to a multicultural childhood, with influences from her Persian heritage while living in a vibrant city of Karachi, followed by an education in Design both in Pakistan and then in New York, have all gone into developing her unique style and desire for perfection. She always knew that she loved design and textures. But it really came together during her college years at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she was able to explore her creative talents. She knew it was right when she started getting excited by what she was creating. After her first year as a professional in New York City, she knew she would eventually start her own Graphic Design business. Once she developed some relevant experience, she pursued her dreams and in 2009, Design by Nasha was born.

 At the start, the focus of her business was branding. Different experiences along the way such as wedding and events prompted her own stationery collection. From there on she progressed to designing and producing more gifting items, home accessories and collaborated with furniture, fashion and accessory designers who were keen to use her printwork on their products. 

Nasha’s style resounds with the rhythms of life of her childhood city, Karachi, and the quiet simplicity of a modern aesthetic. It speaks of vibrant colors, and intricate patterns with a keen attention to detail. The products are hand-crafted using a printing process of silk screening in India. Every item is custom-made. Silk screening is like to putting paint on paper. This technique is how she achieves the bold and rich colors prevalent in her work.

Design by Nasha collection currently includes a line of stationery and table top accessories. Soft elegance, bold sophistication and a contemporary aesthetic are the corner stones of Design by Nasha.