Born through art in South Africa

Rhumaa is a Dutch fashion brand that shares art stories through fashion in socially conscious ways.

Their designs and art prints are born in South Africa, then brought to life in Europe to share with everyone in the world. Their collections offer timeless, all-occasion garments with a refined edge and modern, natural touch.


At Rhumaa the focus and mandate is to first have a positive impact in peoples’ lives while moving upwards towards creating positive impact in the fashion industry. Rhumaa offers young artists an international platform and also helps to educate underprivileged artists in South Africa.

Rhumaa partners with suppliers who not only treat their workers fairly but also offer safe working environments and believe in healthy manufacturing processes.  Every time a garment is purchased, a percentage is donated to the Rhumaa Foundation in support of skills development programs and art projects in South Africa.  It is this strong circle of energy and pursuit that keeps Rhumaa positively charged as a business and fashion brand, says founder Daniel. 

"Above all, our collections express a one-of-a-kind art piece and story, brought to life using beautiful natural fabrics. Every item is crafted with purpose to celebrate our natural, high quality fabrics and an art story. The stories come to life in every garment using printed and non-printed items. They say quality is in the details and so we make sure our art story is told in every inch of the detail and in every piece; through the expression of the art print; in design, with colour, buttons and other detailing, and with the use of high-quality, natural fabrics."