The Mayan symbol for luck

In 2012, Christian and Steven Cremer founded B FROG, a socially responsible brand that combines distinct ethnic textiles in ways that create a fun new twist in fashion. "We use a portion of every sale to help eradicate chronic malnutrition at Tzununá, the poorest community of Guatemala"

B FROG’s one of a kind products come in an array of vivid colors. "Our fabrics are made from our exclusive soft and durable brushed thread that makes our shirts extremely comfortable, using only 100% cotton and high quality handmade Mayan textiles. Our products are free of toxins, and fade-resistant".

The Mayans believed the frog to be a symbol of luck. By wearing B FROG you’re being lucky!

Each B FROG product sold brings 15 fortified meals to Tzununa’s local school. So far, 15,200 bellies were filled, and more to come!

We want to be recognized as a company with the right blend of business innovation

With the touch of the Mayan culture and ancestry, our textiles are made by hand using techniques passed down from generation to generation.


Remember to always be Unique!