57% and 70% cacao combo


Delicious, 100% natural dark and milk chocolate combo.


70% cacao: cocoa mass, sugar cane, cocoa butter / 57% cacao: cocoa mass, sugar cane, cocoa butter, milk powder.


Net Content: 70 g (each bar)

Also available from the same brand:

  • Pack of 10 velvety, hot chocolate cubes 100% cacao.

Note: keep in a cool, dry place and consume before expiry date on package. 

Description: "no name chocolate  products are made from the purest cacao from ethically sourced farms in Colombia. These chocolate products are supported by "Echar Pa'Lante", a rural prosperity programme for cocoa farmers in Colombia. no name is a chocolate that charms cocoa lovers with its flavour and quality, creating a connection with its origin and impact projects. To read more about no name and the impact projects, please go to Our Stories.

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