Naturally coloured cotton across three generations!


Luisa developed Algodones Mayas into an international fashion and lifestyle brand. Since 1989, her family have been growing naturally coloured green and brown cotton in Guatemala. The brand, Algodones Mayas is committed to design and development of high quality naturally coloured hand woven and knitted home and fashion accessories. In 2013, Luisa introduced yarn and fabric from The New Dehim Project which adds an upcycled denim blue to the existing natural color palette of green, brown and off white that Algodones Mayas has always workewd with. The fundamental grounding concept of Algodones Mayas has been to preserve and promote Mayan tradition while providing a dignified way of life to several women of Mayan ethnicity who support their families.


Over the years, Algodones Mayas has developed a large network of 300 skilled artisans and weavers from different regions of the country. Artisan families across three generations have become part of the ‘algones mayas family’ and have continued to deveop new product lines while offering classic collections over the years. Algodones Mayas offers a collection of fashion accessories, Christmas decorations, home furnishings and accessories as well as uniquely designed kitchen napkins and table mats using traditional Mayan motifs but developed for a contemporary international customer.