Changing lives one step at a time

Antonio Prahl is a Guatemalan entrepreneur who has turned his family knitwear business ‘Pralin’ which was set up in 1969, into a modern, stylish and contemporary socks manufacturing company. Antonio set up this environmentally friendly socks manufacturing unit in one of Guatemala’s poorest regions and trained the local population while providing jobs and access to utilities to the majority of the region. SHOP THE COLLECTION NOW 

He slowly but steadily grew the company and factory while empowering hundreds of families who became part of his Pralin family over the years. Several lines of Antonio Prahl’s stylish baby and toddler socks and mens’ fun dress socks are now being made using recycled cotton yarns. Antonio Prahl’s socks are a true story of compassion, entrepreneurial drive and true empowerment of people and planet. And while it makes such a large difference to the lives of people, the socks are truly beautiful and fun to wear! SHOP THE COLLECTION NOW