The gentlest soap from a master savonnier

Meet Kevin and Liz, our natural savonniers par excellence. They always loved being in nature and share a holistic view of health and wellbeing.

This became fundamentally important when their daughter Coraline was born with Down syndrome and a heart defect.

Liz and Kevin with their daughter Coraline

Like so many babies, Coraline reacted very badly to soaps and shampoos, and it quickly became clear that the chemicals used even in products that claimed to be gentle / sensitive were still causing problems for her baby skin. 

Luckily Kevin had a very useful hobby: He had already experimented with making soap in his spare time.

Now with renewed focus on Coraline’s wellbeing, Kevin took on the challenge to create the gentlest soap that would be effective and right for Coraline's gentle and highly sensitive skin. In a short period of time after using Kevin's creations, Coraline's skin changed for the better. What we place onto our skin, gets absorbed into the body, and when there is sensitivity or an overload of chemicals, this can quickly turn into rashes, eczema and even severe allergies.

Kevin, who was a chef in his former life, chose to apply exactly the same logic he applied in his kitchen to their soap making: When it gets to food, quality organic ingredients are key to the best recipes. Choosing ingredients wisely and cooking with love will make the simplest dish a culinary delight

- and so Coraleen Organic Skincare was born.  Kevin and Liz made it their goal to take this hobby and turn it into a sustainable business. It has taken them over two years, turning it from a dream into reality.

The family may be at the beginning of a successful journey, but the team is not resting on their laurels. Kevin continues to develop new ideas and recipes - like with his cooking, the key to success is the quality of the individual ingredients. Only the highest calibre extra virgin olive oils, organic virgin coconut oils, organic and fair trade shea butter are being used for each batch.

pretty nettle soaps, all in a row

Everything about the philosophy of this brand resonates with us at Inclusive Trade. Born out of a personal need, with determination to produce something truly special, love for the planet, quality and sustainability as core values - Coraleen are a perfect fit.

All of us at Inclusive Trade have very quickly become big fans and you will find Coraleen soap in all our bathrooms, at home and in the studio, with each one of us raving about how wonderful the soaps are for ourselves and our families. We each have our own personal favourites already! Which one will you choose ?

Head over to their collection here and find your perfect match!