How waste revived a textile factory

"Our yarns, fabrics and products are all made from upcycled pre-consumer denim waste. This waste is ground back into fibre, spun into new yarns and woven or knitted into new sustainable and conscious-luxury fabrics. Our manufacturing process is chemical-free, dye-free, and uses minimal water and energy. Saving up to 20,000 liters of water per kilogram of upcycled material." 

Our technique reduces the consumption of new products, minimizes the waste of raw virgin material and re-uses discarded textiles and fibres to elongate their life span by creating ethically-made & premium-quality products. We later upcycle our own waste from production.  The final cotton waste that cannot be spun anymore, we donate to farmers and coffee-growers to use as compost waste and serves as an organic fertilizer for their soil. #zerowaste, indeed.

Why Up-cycle?

13 million tons of textiles are trashed each year and only 15% are recovered for recycling.It takes 8,500 liters of water to produce one pair of jeans and 2,600 to produce one single t-shirt.
Upcycling is essential to minimize environmental impact and decrease the amount of waste that goes into landfills. 
Eliminate the use of chemicals and land and significant water usage reduction. 
We save up to 20,000 liters for every kilogram of upcycled material.
60% of people are more likely to shop at a business if it promotes recycling. 
And most importantly; there is no planet B, amigos. 

"Zero Waste is a goal that is ethical, economical, efficient and visionary, to guide us in changing our practices to emulate sustainable natural cycles, where all discarded materials are designed to become resources for others to use."  

Sustainable textiles are just as current and progressive as any other conventional textiles- the difference is the story behind them. This is why we value the textile industry as a powerful vehicle for human empowerment and sustainable development worldwide. We believe that beautiful and premium quality textiles should not cost the earth. We are all part of the problem, which means we can all be a part of the solution. 

We have challenged ourselves to question our textile culture. We aim to shift to new aesthetics providing a convenient and eco-friendly option to reduce environmental degradation. By removing hazardous chemicals from our production, we will free ourselves from the global chain of toxic pollution and waste of our natural resources. 

We have been inspired by the textile world's ability to connect values, hoping our inspiration stimulates buyers & consumers to live, create and shop purposefully. We invite everyone to help us promote conscious consumption and to invest in sustainable materials and products- we must remember that what we do to the environment, ultimately we do to ourselves. Be conscious. Inspire and be inspired!

We have chosen to spend more time and effort into designing premium quality upcycled denim yarn, fabrics, garments and accessories. Our end goal is not just about solving the negative; it's about creating a positive.