Going global with one woman and 150 weavers

 Sara Abera, the founder of 'Muya Ethiopia' started the business in 2005 to create authentic yet contemporary products made using Ethiopian weaving and pottery skills.

Core textile products include hand-spun and hand-woven Ethiopian scarves for contemporary lifestyles.

Her intention and aim has been to bring these products into the global market. Having been educated and trained in design in one of the earliest design schools in Ethiopia, Sara has been keen to use her experience to promote Ethiopian products from the very beginning. In 2008, Maya Ethiopia received Ethiopia's prestigious Millenium Award. 

It was also the first Ethiopian company to have membership to the World Fair Trade Organisation. Muya Ethiopia currently has brought together and employs about 150 weavers with an aim to bring onboard another 600 weavers and potters over the next 3-4 years.

Muya is an amazing example of how consistent quality using traditional skills can find a place in our global contemporary lifestyle.