Veganuary 2020 - with positive impact!

As we start the new year 2020 and a fresh new decade, at Inclusive Trade we started thinking of the many happenings in the past decade that have started to change our thinking and as a result, our lifestyles and our choices. It has become apparent, that more people around the world are beginning to give healthy living and healthy eating a closer look and many are making bold decisions to make changes by starting with themselves and their habits!

Vegan eating, living and loving (yes there are vegan dating sites that can help vegan and transitioning vegans to meet and match!) is no longer a fad or a movement, but has become mainstream in several parts of the world. It is definitely on the rise! 

Increasing number of Britons are taking up veganism. According to Vegan Society and Google trends, in 2018, there were over half a million people who classified as vegan in the UK which was also the most popular country for veganism in 2019. Australia and New Zealand followed closely. According to a Cambridge University Press paper published in March 2018, 2 in 3 people in the United States had reduced or stopped consuming meat.  According to, in 2016, Europe was the largest market for meat substitutes accounting for almost 40% of global sales. And its not just trends in consumer lifestyle and food choices that are shaking up the market. On 3rd January 2020, for the first time, an employment tribunal in Norwich, UK, ruled that under Equality Act 2010, "ethical veganism is a philosophical belief protected by law". This could mean re thinking or even changing systems for employers who for example will need to take into account Vegan beliefs to account for workplace standards and requirements.

So this January, when we were invited by Workspace at our studio location in Deptford, Greenwich at the Fuel Tank to support and participate in Veganuary on Tuesday 28th January 2-4 pm, we were delighted. We decided to showcase and bring to the forefront the positive impact stories of our wonderful brands and makers who produced and sold products that suit a Vegan lifestyle.

By working with our partners so closely, we are fortunate to be able to participate and share their passion for their products and beliefs. In supporting and promoting our brands, we have the privilege of becoming part of their story.


Take Yogacycled for example. A passionate story of two sisters coming together to create a beautifully designed yoga and swimwear brand made from recycled plastic bottles. This is not just keeping us all fit and healthy, but infact saving the environment especially the beaches and the seas from plastic waste.



Tribe brings us lovingly made soy candles, infused with special therapy grade essential oils, hand picked by Mrs Waller herself. A well-loved and respected local yoga and aromatherapist in South-East London, Mrs Waller blends her expertise in essential oils and natural remedies with her love for candle making and natural living. A mum of two girls (she also has two lovely cats!), she makes her soy candles and linen sprays with 100% natural products and ingredients just as she would for her girls and in her own household.


A growing brand started by two passionate brothers in Mumbai has become quite the rage in their local region. While they continue to explore possibilities to export the brand globally, we have the wonderful opportunity to try out some of their natural deo sticks and 100% natural hand sanitisers ourselves. They are so amazingly moisturising! totally different from the mass market hand-sanitisers that dry out your hands before you have even finished drying them off! (To purchase these products please come to the event! this is exclusive to the event offer only! or Contact us at 

No Name dark chocolate and hot chocolate: 

Anyone trying to find good dark chocolate or 100% cocoa knows just how difficult it is to find something that you really like. Well, not only does No Name's products contain 100% cocoa, but infact supports female education, planting of more trees and sustainable farming for communities across Colombia. 



Why not learn from best practises and natural care if they already exist?  Our wonderful Mari from Hokaido in Japan discovered the wonders of natural Sugar Beet for skin care! In her quest to make life better for her daughter who suffered from intense eczema, she discovered the wonders of using sugar beet on all skin types as a natural skin routine. Today, thanks to her, Sucremor, offers a great affordable, natural, vegan and cruelty free skin routine for all of us around the world.!

These are just some of the wonderful stories we are proud of and are happy to support and promote this Vegauary! At Inclusive Trade, we believe diversity is the key to true sustainability and peace.

We take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy new year 2020 ... Thanks for supporting our lovely brands and their wonderful products. We look forward to remaining connected with you, our partners, consumers and readers through this new year 2020...Don't forget to sign up to  our events and information on new brands! 

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