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Curated for the WTO, now available at the WTO book shop in Geneva, Switzerland

Antonio Prahl - impact socks

ethical socks

Make a difference with every step

Antonio Prahl is a Guatemalan entrepreneur who has turned his family knitwear business ‘Pralin’ which was set up in 1969, into a modern, stylish and contemporary socks manufacturing company. Antonio set up this environmentally friendly socks manufacturing unit in one of Guatemala’s poorest regions and trained the local population while providing jobs and access to utilities to the majority of the region.

These gorgeous, soft, comfortable cotton rich socks support almost an entire village in Guatemala with training, skills development & fair employment. 

Encouraging art: A unique collaboration of art, craft and social impact. It is often said that supporting children to build their creative skills has great impact on their overall wellbeing... but who would have thought that encouraging children to express their creative talent in one part of the world could have such a massive impact on supporting a whole village in in another part of the world? 

Collection at the WTO: 

  • Unicorn socks

    The design with prancing unicorns is inspired by drawings of 7 year old Emily from Scotland, who loves unicorns, rainbows, stickers and art. She thought having unicorns on her socks would be quite cool! 

    • Which one are you?

      This colourful, bright and fun design " which are you today?" is all about how we feel each morning.... sometimes a 'happy feeling' and sometimes 'not so much', while subtly making reference to the unpredictability of the famous British weather! This design is inspired from drawings of 7 year old Dhruv in London. 


      Eden - jewellery that saves lives

      What if your jewellery brought hope to the darkest trafficking hubs in Asia?

      Eden jewellery does just that. Eden reach, rescue, and restore women coming out of human trafficking. Eden has a thorough and innovative victim support program that is holistic in its approach, and highly effective in the restoration of victims. Eden has established multiple safe shelters, developed an international jewellery social enterprise and witnessed thousands of people involved in commercial sexual exploitation be impacted. Eden provides safe shelter, trauma informed care, vocational training and employment to empower each woman who comes through their doors to find their worth, dignity and renewed hope for the future. All profits from the jewellery social enterprise directly benefit each woman who comes to Eden (salary, services, shelter and other programs), so that more of the women who leave the red light districts can be provided with the opportunity to gain training and employment.

      Collection at the WTO: 

      Salt and Light collection 

      The Salt and Light Collection highlights one of our core beliefs that the tiniest pinprick of light permeates even the darkest places of the world. Yuan Yuan is a woman who strengthened this belief when a simple scrap of paper, coupled with her immense courage, gave her a lifeline to escape from a hopeless situation.

      ethical jewellery  
      • Sterling silver 18" chain and pendant set with Cubic Zirconia.
      • Sterling silver pendant with Cubic Zirconia on sterling silver hooks.

        Hidden Treasures collection 

        Courage and boldness are hidden treasures that are often buried within us and sometimes it is only in the darkest moments that we can find them to rise up against injustice, pain, hurt, and shame.  The Hidden Treasure collection brings to light Mya Mya’s story, who in the face of injustice and trials, stood up for truth.  

        • Double strand of 7-8mm freshwater pearls with a sterling silver lobster clasp set with cubic zirconia. 16" in length with a 1.6" extension chain.
        • Freshwater pearl, 6-7mm in diameter with sterling silver hook set with cubic zirconia.

        Muya - handweaving the way towards better lives

        Enjoy your beautiful handwoven piece knowing that every wear supports positive impact

        Sara Abera, the founder of 'Muya Ethiopia' started the business in 2005 to create authentic yet contemporary products made using Ethiopian weaving and pottery skills. Core textile products include hand-spun and hand-woven Ethiopian scarves for contemporary lifestyles. Her intention and aim has been to bring these products into the global market. Having been educated and trained in design in one of the earliest design schools in Ethiopia, Sara has been keen to use her experience to promote Ethiopian products from the very beginning. In 2008, Maya Ethiopia received Ethiopia's prestigious Millenium Award.

        Muya Ethiopia, a fair trade certified company in Addis Ababa, offers a range of hand spun and hand woven cotton accessories and lifestyle products. 

        Collection at the WTO: 

        • The Kora Sand Dunes - This light weight scarf with sandy tones and subtle ginger accents is easy to wear and drapes very well.
        • The Kembata - Violet Slate is a great scarf with mixed yarns in the weft.
        • The Zimita is a lovely neutral sophisticated accessory item. Subtle shimmery hints makes it a great product for the festive winter season
        • The Sidama - A stunning scarf with bright blue or brushed orange stripes makes this a great addition to any wardrobe. Warm and cosy, it is perfect for these chilly winter days
        • The Shega - Subtle and sophisticated, the Shega line of scarves is created for the contemporary daily lifestyle. Neutral tones accentuated by clear blue stripes will take you from morning to evening looking perfect.
        • The Denguza - Bright orange accents outlined with black stripes on an off white cotton base, makes this Denguza hand woven shawl is an absolute stunner

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