Changing the world through chocolate!

"Its goal is simple: Connect natural beauty and amazing people who cultivate cocoa with chocolate lovers who want to go further, supporting the development of communities and the environment."

Gabriela and Juan Carlos met at university in the 80’s and since then, they have been members of the international student organization AIESEC and strongly stood by its mandate to: ‘change the world through cultural understanding and purposeful leadership’.

Almost 30 years later, they found an opportunity to build a sustainable cocoa business in South America. In collaboration with four cooperatives in Colombia they created a ‘prosperity driven’ cocoa supply chain, working with almost 2000 farmers to improve their quality, productivity and income.

In 2013, Hacienda La Tentación (cocoa farm) was born in the community of Isaza, in Caldas, Colombia, a small village that is located in an area where peace had only recently been restored after years of violence and where people, especially women, had very few local employment opportunities.

Hacienda La Tentación has received visitors from different corners of the world that in just a few days felt a connection with the farm, nature, cacao, and the surrounding community, and as a result, they wanted to keep connected with them and with the amazing chocolate that is carefully and lovingly crafted in the “Hacienda”.

That’s how NoName Chocolate was born, a chocolate with No Name but great taste and purpose.

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