She could always rely on her sister




Our Impact: 

"Sustainability is a key focus, and all decisions are made to prioritise responsibility to the Environment and People. This is reflected in material selection - sourcing fabrics which are extra soft, breathable, high performing and durable, yet promote a sustainable effect on the environment and positive conditions for workers"

Sisters Emma and Rachael (Nissim) have always been close and looked out for each other. During school they played lots sports together, and now use the team work skills they developed in their business. 

Fashion and style have always been of interest to Emma. She started off with a Fashion Design foundation course in Newham College, followed by a Textiles Art degree from Goldsmiths University. After completing her degree, Emma ran her first  market stall. Emma soon realised she needed more support and that was when her sister, Rachael, who is a trained Architect and a yoga specialist, joined Emma to develop her passion and grow their brand Nissim.

Rachael and Emma soon had an opportunity to have a pop up shop in Greenwich Market during Christmas 2008 for 5 weeks, which became 5 years.

Emma always designed products to meet the needs of her demanding lifestyle. Comfort and style were key for Emma. She loves vibrant colours and animals, so naturally they are a dominant theme in her print designs. A lot of thought and consideration goes into each of Emma’s clothing and print lines. Every item is hand printed with her original designs. They are comfortable and as many happy customers say, "....look good for daily needs, such as the school run, grocery shopping, meeting friends for a coffee, yoga, pilates and so much more!"

Following their research to date, Nissim have decided to use a selection of 4 fabric choices in their collections: 

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 70% Sustainably Grown Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton
  • Lenzing Tencel ® – made predominately from Eucalyptus
  • Lenzing MicroModal ® – made predominately from Beech wood

    Instead of exhausting one material, Nissim's aim is to help maintain balance and harmony with the planet, whilst maintaining an ethical supply for the demand of customers, creating high quality, timeless products that last.

    The brand, Nissim has also partnered up with the World Land Trust - with 50p from every item sold donated to their campaign to buy acres of rain forest in Equador, Mexico and Argentina. With every 200 items sold, 1 acre of endangered habitats and wildlife can be secured and protected.

    As practising yoga enthusiasts, Emma and Rachael soon discovered that many other yoga practitioners love their clothes! Presenting their clothes at yoga festivals and shows around the UK has been a fun journey so far, of meeting lots of friendly people and building relationships.Their goal is to use their work to make a difference, and have fun doing it.