Sheroes of Lewisham - leading by example

Rupa Ganguli FRSA is an Indian social entrepreneur and campaigner for sustainable development and equality within the textile industry. She is the founder @inclusive_trade and is a #SHEroeofLewisham. Her interview inspired Year 5 students at Brindishe Manor School #HitherGreen to write 'Eco Sheroe' a brand new #poem below! #sheroesoflewisham project is a part of @wearelewisham and supported by @aceagrams.

Along with the SHEroes of Lewisham, Noras of Lewisham brought together architect Cristina and artist Belen to create instillations of women and their stories across Lewisham, starting with instillations at the #migrationmuseum in Lewisham. Some wonderful projects taking place in Lewisham.. bringing to light the amazing stories of ordinary women living and working around the borough!