Our values

What is inclusivetrade.com?

inclusivetrade.com is a platform that connects artisan brands who enable positive change with consumers who want to make ethical and sustainable lifestyle choices.

Our Mission

Inclusive Trade aims to become a global community of like-minded consumers, corporates and artisan makers with a common objective to support sustainability through lifestyle.

Ethical shopping made simple

At Inclusive Trade, we believe that doing business should go hand in hand with doing good for the community, removing inequalities and saving the planet. We also know that consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable and ethical choices and are keen to see transparency and find tangible ways to assess the impact their purchases have on people and planet. we offer sustainable, rare, high-quality fashion, accessories, homeware, jewellery (and most recently chocolates!) made by artisans from around the world.

We connect consumers straight to the source through transparency and visibility. With our networks we have access to rare and beautiful products from across South and Central Asia, East and Southern Africa, Eastern and Central Europe, South and Central America.

With our trusted relationships and connections with artisans from around the world, we are able to educate and encourage consumers to engage with us and with our artisan makers from around the world, to know the stories behind the process, to have their questions answered and to learn about each product and the impact it has on the community and planet.