Ultra Fine Mist Sanitising Flairosol


The Flairosol provides you with the power of a fogging machine at your fingertips. This trademarked super dispenser generates a constant stream of fine mist which can be used everywhere at home, work and on the go.


It is safe to use on electronics, fabrics, pet beds and your skin. The fine mist does not need wiping, as it coats surfaces with Kindr sanitiser that kills all germs and bacteria in 30 seconds as it dries and continues to act for up to 4 hours. 


Saves you time not having to wipe down excess sanitiser as the Kindr Flairosol can be sprayed and left. 


It's the more eco friendly option as you don't need to remove excess solution, you no longer need the wipes or paper towels which go straigh in the bin. 


Choose refill over landfill with the Kindr Sanitising Flairosol which can be refilled and used over and over again with the 500ml refill pouch, or for heavier usage we provide a 5L canister. 

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