Our Journey - SPINNA CIRCLE to inclusivetrade.com

Our Journey

....from SPINNA Circle to inclusivetrade.com ... 

Rupa and Emma

Dear friends and supporters, 

As many of you know, we have spent the past year carefully developing the inclusivetrade.com platform to bring you beautiful products and stories from behind-the-scenes at SPINNA Circle onto a global online store!

We have developed and sourced this first range of products to sell on inclusivetrade.com in response to the growing demand to buy products we had initially only showcased through SPINNA Circle at specific events and on social media.

Inclusivetrade.com now offers you the opportunity to #shopbyimpact every time you buy a product on the platform. #shopbyimpact currently focuses on the following four impact factors: environment, social, preservation of craft skills, gender inclusivity

Every product on the platform is tagged with at least one impact factor, making it simple for you to know exactly what impact you have each time you buy a product on inclusivetrade.com 

Click here to know more about #shopbyimpact

We wanted to thank you for your incredible support especially over the past few months in our run up to going live, where we tested products and asked you endless questions. We are really grateful for your honest feedback and opinions. Many of you will hopefully see your inputs very much a part of our new concept!! 

We are currently co-developing and sourcing new products slowly with our network of trusted partners around the world, so you can expect beautiful new artefacts to evolve gradually and emerge one by one on the site as our business and our social impact steadily grows.

Check back at any time.  We are open 24 hours a day.  

Big thanks again for your support and interest in inclusivetrade.com. Stay tuned for more information on the concept, as we develop #shopbyimpact.  We hope you enjoy the store as much as we have loved putting it together!

Yours sincerely, 

Happy Holidays and wishing you a lovely year end! 

All of us at inclusivetrade.com 
London, UK

December 2017

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