Handwoven throw - Eri Silk & Merino Wool

£85 £115

Handwoven by artisans at the foothills of the Himalayas in India, designed and developed by a passionate Dutch - Indian team in the Netherlands, a true product of love and inspiration, this special edition throw contains rare and special yarns sourced from local merino wool and a special variety of silk - eri silk which has been cultivated in the region historically.

Creating a rich new product, blending these yarns together, the soft cool feel of silk combined with the cosy warmth of wool makes this handwoven throw truly luxurious in look and feel.

The amazing weight and drape of this throw makes it a rare find!  

Colour: Natural texture

Fabric Composition: 55% Merino Wool 45% Eri Silk

Wash Instructions: Hand wash

Size: 130cm x 170cm

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