Silk Scarf - The Coffee Picker (limited pieces)


Description: This silk scarf is based on Seble's Painting "THE COFFEE PICKER" Printed in the UK, a QR code on the scarf takes you to Seble's backstory online when you are wearing it, making you part of the story yourself!

Live It while you Wear It

Fabric: 100 % Silk

Care: Dry Clean

More about the product:

The Coffee Picker: "Ethiopia gave coffee to the world. It is also the backbone of the economy. Coffee rituals are highly respected in the country. Women are the ones who pick the coffee cherry. They have the patience, love and are devoted to their work by their very nature. One can notice that it is a back breaking job by the end of the day. It is also the woman who brews coffee in every household. By the time they go home the women are expected to look after the husband, children and animals.

Still the coffee picker is happy and gets ready for the next day. These up and downs of life are represented by the colors behind her"

@ Copyright [Seblewongel Gelan] (2021) manufactured by or on behalf of Inclusive Trade under licence from [Sebelwongel Gelan]

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Note: Print colours on the scarf may differ in tone (darker or lighter) from the image displayed.

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