Michot Gabi - Shawl - Gold Dust


The Michot Gabi - Gold Dust is incredibly soft and perfect to wrap up with on a cold winter day. Can be draped as a shawl for comfort or worn as a scarf around the neck, the Michot Gabi also makes for a lovely blanket for babies in the stroller or pram and to keep children of all ages warm while traveling !

Size: 90 x 220 cm

Colour: Gold Dust with its bright yellow and hints of orange is sure to brighten up your day!

Fabric: 85% Cotton,15% Acrylic

More about this product: The 'Gabi' is one of the oldest hand-woven traditions found in Ethiopia.  Inclusivetrade.com brings you this amazing fabric from the heart of Ethiopia. Hand-woven by rural men using Ethiopian long and fine cotton that is hand-spun by women, almost every Ethiopian person has at least one basic 'Gabi'.

The nature and construction of this weave makes this simple cotton fabric extremely warm and cosy and can protect from the coldest winds.

Note: As these products are hand woven, there can be slight differences in size, composition and colour. This is because the exact number of yarns may change from scarf to scarf depending on the way in which each weaver weaves. As a result the percentage of yarn composition and colour tones may appear slightly different. The details provided are for guidance and will largely remain in line with what is mentioned. But please allow for some differences. This is the nature of hand made and hand-woven process.Tip: The 'Gabi' gets softer and softer with every wash!

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