Precious Pearl Earrings


Freshwater pearl, 6-7mm in diameter with sterling silver hook set with cubic zirconia.

Myat was bursting with happiness the day she began her internship at one of the most prestigious beauty salons in town. The morning felt full of possibility, but there was a time when she couldn’t imagine this day.

Myat was wearing her schoolgirl uniform the day a neighbor tricked her into getting into her car. Afraid to disobey, she found herself driving far from home. When the car stopped, she was sold to a brothel. Unable to escape, Myat took handfuls of medication. She woke up to learn that she had been in a coma and was unable to walk. The brothel continued to send customers to her until one took pity on her and called her mother.

The anti-trafficking police rescued Myat, and she began her healing journey at Eden. Eight months after hanging a simple painting of a hair salon on our Dream Wall, Myat was beginning this new life.

The Hidden Treasures Collection was inspired by women like Myat who come to Eden broken and traumatized. Slowly, their skills and talents begin to emerge and the dreams they have treasured up in their hearts become reality.

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