Song of Freedom Locket


Brass locket with magnetic closure, 'New Beginnings' engraving on inside, 32"L with 1.3" extension chain

When Yati escaped those who trafficked her and arrived at Eden, she slowly learned how to dream about her future again. However, she kept thinking about those who were still captive. Only 2% of victims ever get rescued... and so many more remained trapped in the darkness Yati had escaped. So she wrote a song of freedom and bravely took it back into the same kind of red light districts she ran from not so long ago. Alongside Eden's Outreach team, she sat in dark brothels with broken young women and shared how she had bravely escaped.

Stories like Yati’s inspired the escape of women like fourteen-year-old Li Fen, who was trafficked by a relative. Rather than excelling at the job she had been promised in the city, she was shivering on a brothel couch the day our Outreach team slipped her our phone number.

At fourteen, she created a diversion that allowed her to miraculously escape the darkness of the red light district and run into the light. At Eden, she got the trauma counseling she needed to safely return to her family and start a new life.

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