Long Sleeved T-shirt - Monsieur Bartholomew


Description:Women's Organic Cotton T-shirt featuring Monsieur Bartholomew character motif, hand printed. Long sleeved for winter. This chic monsieur has been hand screen- printed in the UK with 100% water- based ink.

Colour: Khaki

Fabric: Cotton/Tencel

Washcare: This garment is machine washable at 30˚C/86˚F.

More about this product: The fabric is a mixture of 100% Organic Cotton and Tencel - ( a wood based fibre), which is so remarkably soft! the design originates from a hand drawing of a cat, dressed in a beret, wearing his twiddly whiskers with pride! He'd make a fabulous match for any lady with a fondness for France, and if she's a cat lover too, then what could possibly go wrong?! The shape of this top has a relaxed, easy fit, draping smoothly over the body and its long sleeves are perfect for the cooler months. The fabric weight is fine yet warm, which is especially handy for outdoor activities, and ideal if you wish to layer up. It sits at hip length. 

The print has been designed by The Kat & Monocle who works with the most reputable suppliers in the UK to make sure each item is manufactured ethically and to the highest of standards.

The T-shirts are sourced from a Belgian company and affiliate of the FairWear Foundation, who ensure each item is manufactured morally and under just conditions.

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