He Loves Me Not Earrings


Sterling silver posts, natural garnet stones, 1 cm x 1.5 cm

She strolls happily, half-humming a swaying melody of that whispered rhyme: “He loves me, he loves me not…”—words full of anticipation. Each phrase is a possibility, a future. 

There is excitement in a blossoming romance, but also significant emotional risk. She plucks another petal from the flower, until it is pulled apart, “He loves me not”. She stares at what she finds left in her hand.

The He Loves Me Not Collection tells the story of what happens when it all goes wrong. Nearly 10% of all women sold into sexual exploitation are tricked into thinking they’re experiencing love when they are actually being groomed for forced prostitution by a lover-boy pimp. This collection helps fund Eden’s trauma counseling program. We assist rescued women to identify trauma and handle memories, flashbacks and triggers; allowing them to be restored once again to wholeness and true freedom.

*A21 Campaign, 2017

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