Blusa Daniela - Styled Top with Vintage 'Scarf Styled Neck'-Pink Blue Vintage

£52 £96

This beautifully styled top is made of the softest fabric which is attached to an amazing 'scarf styled neck' making it two garments in one! The lovely Guatemalan 'jaspe' fabric makes this simple and easy top unique and absolutely stunning.

Material: 50% Cotton, 50 % Polyester

Wash Care: Machine wash cold, Gentle cycle with like colours only, Tumble dry low, Do not bleach.

ColourPink Blue Vintage with Dark Grey jersey

The Blusa Daniela is available in 5 colourways. While the base fabric is the grey or a dark grey jersey, the vintage jaspe fabric makes all the difference! 

Size Guide:

True to size. Its meant to be an easy fit. Works well by itself and when layered on a fitted top.  

Measurements in centimetres  S M L
Chest  96 104 110
Length  61 63 65


More about the product:

Warm and cosy, yet cool and not too hot, its the perfect top for a crisp day or evening. Blusa Daniela is easy to style with trousers, jeans, skirts and so much more. Its all up to how creative you can be!

Its that unique piece that stands out and is yet sophisticated and contemporary to be perfect for the occasion. Dress it up or down, can be worn casually with rolled up jeans and trainers as well as lovely black trousers and boots, pumps or tie ups! 

We have been told, by all those who have tested and tried a Blusa Daniela that they wonder how they went through life without one till now!

(Note: the word 'jaspe' is pronounced as 'haspay' and refers to a woven fabric made from several dark and light yarns creating faint stripes or yarns of different colours twisted together to create a unique combination of colour tones. It specifically refers in this case to the traditionally hand woven fabrics in Guatemala).

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