Hot chocolate Colombian 100% cocoa


Hot Chocolate 100% cocoa cubes (individually wrapped pack of 10 in each box)

Ingredients: cocoa liquor  

Net content: 160g Ten 16-gram pieces of chocolate

The price is per box of 10. 

Note: please keep in a cool, dry place and consume before expiry date on package.  


"no name chocolate products are made from the purest cocoa in ethically sourced farms in Colombia. This individually wrapped hot chocolate cubes of cocoa are supported by the "Echar Pa'Lante" a programme of rural prosperity for cocoa farmers in Colombia. " no name"  charms cocoa lovers with its flavor and quality, creating a connection with the origin and our impact projects"

To read more about the impact projects, please go to Our Stories and read about "no name just natural taste and purpose"

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