'Calming Chamomile' - Organic Chamomile and Yarrow Soap bar


'Calming Chamomile' is lovingly made from the most calming and healing flowers and herbs, to cleanse and moisturise even the most sensitive of skin.

A gentle and soothing bar of soap using our unique blend of moisture rich organic oils and butters, slowly infused with organic chamomile and yarrow flowers to soothe and moisturise the skin.

We recommend this naturally scented soap for anyone with sensitive skin. This is one of the soaps we used on our daughter Coraline when she was first born. It is so soft and gentle. We have found the Chamomile and Yarrow and the Nettle and Calendula to be particularly effective on her skin, as well as her hair when used as a shampoo bar.

Ideal for – All skin types, especially sensitive skin.

Soap texture – Velvety smooth.

Approved for use from three months of age.

Key benefits:

 • Chamomile and Yarrow have been shown to be beneficial for anyone who has any dermatological skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis or acne.

• Packed full of beneficial anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-microbial skin healing properties.

• Naturally unscented – gentle on even the most delicate skin.

• Can be used on the body and face to deliver silky smooth skin every time.

Extra virgin olive oil**, extra virgin coconut oil**, raw unrefined shea butter**, castor oil**, almond oil**, german chamomile**, yarrow**, sodium hydroxide (eliminated during soap making process to create natural glycerin)

**Organic Ingredients

* naturally derived product

Minimum Weight 100g 


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