Hand block-printed cotton Tote Bag


Design: Each bag has one side that shows a traditional print while the other side is a canvas undyed base with the block print 'preserving the art of Indian block printing' 

Use: Carry your groceries, children's toys, gym clothes or your everyday work things ! Use, reuse and reuse again and again! 

Description: A first of many collaborations between Inclusive Trade and the Advit Foundation's 'Aarohan' project! These 100% cotton canvas tote bags are hand block printed using ancient Indian traditional skills. The blocks are first hand carved. Block-printing is done by highly skilled master artisans who match the blocks to ensure a perfect design. Azo free dyes are used. 

These bags are co-designed by the Indian artisans and Inclusive Trade's team based in the London studio! Not only are these a celebration of India's block printing skills, but infact the creation of a product that can easily find use in our contemporary lives. These bags are sturdy, hand printed, hand stitched and individually finished. 

 Washcare: only hand wash in cold water and expect some shrinkage which is common with cotton products. These are cotton canvas bags. They are not water proof. 

Made in India

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