Zimita - Neutral Shimmer


One of our favourite pieces, the Zimita is a lovely neutral sophisticated accessory item. Subtle shimmery hints makes it a great product for the festive winter season. Zimita is a contemporary scarf hand-woven by rural artisans in Ethiopia. This product brings together the nuances of contemporary lifestyle with grounded tradition.  

Bring in the festive season by celebrating the beautiful hand weaving skills from Ethiopia!

Colour: Neutral sandy with a subtle shimmer beige and black border

Fibre: Mixed - 60% Acrylic  and approx. 20% Polyestor  20% Rayon

Size: 50 x 200 cm

Note: As these products are hand woven, there can be slight differences in size, composition and colour. This is because the exact number of yarns may change from scarf to scarf depending on the way in which each weaver weaves. As a result the percentage of yarn composition and colour tones may appear slightly different. The details provided are for guidance and will largely remain in line with what is mentioned. But please allow for some differences. This is the nature of hand made and hand-woven process.

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