Vintage china - Scented soy candle - Symphony


Scented soy candles in vintage china - Symphony

These handmade scented candles made with soy wax are made with finest organic eco soy wax supplied by reputable traders. It is made specifically for container candles, is creamy white in appearance and burns evenly all the way until the cups are empty. Mrs. Waller uses therapy grade essential oils from a company called doTERRA, to scent the candles. 

eg. the pureness of these oils makes them medicinal:

- pure therapy grade Lavender is a beautiful calming scent,

- wild orange is cleansing and refreshing,

- Peppermints are wonderful if you feel nauseous or have a tension headache.

Moreover, all these oils are co-impact sourced, distilled where they grow and thus providing much needed jobs locally. The company also runs the Healing Hands foundation, which builds schools and hospitals world wide.

Perk: After you have finished using the candle, you may return it to being a tea-cup!! 

Important note about recipe: Each candle is made using a blend of 15 drops of pure therapeutic grade essential oil as part of the soy wax mixture. But due to the handmade nature of this product, the wax may cool at different rates in different materials of the vintage sourced teacups. Sometimes the strength of scent may vary from candle to candle. 

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