Our Special Selection - beautiful and classy handwoven scarf with hand finished wallet!


Our special selection - Denguza Scarf by Muya & Carrington wallet by Karin.

Denguza Scarf:

Impact: This product promotes traditions and skills This product promotes diversity and supports gender inclusivity

Description:  The Denguza Shawl is hand woven in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Bright orange accents outlined with black stripes on an off white cotton base, makes this Denguza hand woven shawl is an absolute stunner. Exclusive and luxurious, the shawl is a good length and drapes easily.

Size: 50 x 150 cms

Fabric: 85% Cotton 15% Acrylic The Denguza shawl can be worn by everyone! Create your fashion statement this winter with this limited edition piece. 

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More about the product: Note: As these products are hand woven, there can be slight differences in size, composition and colour. This is because the exact number of yarns may change from scarf to scarf depending on the way in which each weaver weaves. As a result the percentage of yarn composition and colour tones may appear slightly different. The details provided are for guidance and will largely remain in line with what is mentioned. But please allow for some differences. This is the nature of hand made and hand-woven process.

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Carrington Wallet:

Handy-sized wallet in soft leather with two external zipped pockets with heavy gold metal hardware. Gold embossed logo.

Colour: Black. All fully lined in Camel colour.  

Height: 10 cm; Width: 18 cm

This product promotes traditions and skills This product promotes traditions and skills

This product promotes diversity and supports gender inclusivity This product promotes diversity and gender inclusivity

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