Scented candle in a tin - Balance

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PropertiesGrounding, Calming
ScentWoody, warm and herbaceous - Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense and other pure essential oils
Created using mostly tree and root oils, the subtle, yet deeply grounding scent of these candles can help spread a feeling of calm and relaxation, promoting tranquility and a sense of balance. Trees are never in a hurry! This candles soft energy is wonderful for calming overactive minds (and bodies), who find it difficult to settle down - perfect in your home. 
Ingredients: Organic soy wax, hand poured in the UK, a blend of therapy grade Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, German Chamomile and  Osmanthus essential oils, (no preservatives)
Dimensions: 250g diameter: 77mm height: 65mm
Burn time: approx 30 hours
Ingredients: soy wax, hand poured in the UK, therapy grade essential oils,
(no preservatives)
Mrs Waller herself: “I use therapy grade essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances, which makes all the difference when you want to create a naturally calming atmosphere. I dedicate this candle to all mums in need of much deserved Me-Time. Balance is made using finest organic soy wax and a paper structured wick, poured into a tin candle. The perfect way to create an uplifting ambience in your home or work, as well as on your travels."

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