Reflection Printed Trouser



Our Reflection Trouser is made from a high premium VEGAN Cupro. This fabric is soft to the touch and allows ample movement. This is quality sustainable clothing at it's best!

The Reflection Trouser embodies the one-of-a-kind artwork and story about time from our FW18/19 artist, David Tsoka.  A real-life story you can wear and continue to share with others.


Super soft, feels like buttery silk on.  You will never look back after wearing Cupro! Nothing ever feels quite this good!


It has a straight, relaxed fit that ends at the ankle. It sits in the waist and has inseam pockets and a high quality finish.  Includes belt loops and front pleat.

Fabric Benefits:

      • Silk Quality
      • Moisture Control
      • Highly absorbent
      • Soft Touch
      • Drapes well
      • Strong and robust
      • Soft and comfortable
      • No static build up

100% VEGAN

Our fabric partner in Turkey is The First V-Labeled Fabric Producer in the World

Works with innovated new vegan textile processes which ensures no animal products from raw materials to finished goods.  The fibres, chemicals, dyestuff and other solvents are specially selected for Vegan Textile Processes. Fabrics are made cruelty-free and does not have cross animal protein contamination to your skin. The dye used for the print is also 100% vegan.

This partner is the winner of  The Most Environmental Friendly Industrial Plant Award 2018 .

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