Origin Andora Sweater



Our Origin Andora sweater is made from 100% organic Austrian wool. It has a soft luxurious knit with a relaxed fit. The sweater is slightly longer at the back to prevent the cold from creeping in and is the perfect winter warmer.


luxurious, warm, cosy, weighted, feels incredible on.


High turtle neck, long sleeves, side slits, high-low back


  • Keeps you warm
  • Is anti-static
  • Doesn’t itch
  • Is lightweight
  • Keeps its shape.
  • Doesn’t crease (the best)

Fabrics produced in Portugal have to follow a strict REACH regulations and uses AZO FREE dye:

The REACH statement is a European regulation for the production and trade of chemical fabrics. It describes the rules that companies and governments have to follow. The following 3 groups deal with REACH: manufacturers/importers; distributors; users.


This means that there were no dyes used with AZO in it. AZO dyes are organic compounds, which contain the colouring AZO function. The majority of AZO dyes are water-soluble and are therefore easy for the body to absorb, and this takes place through inhalation and swallowing of dust as well as through skin contact. AZO dyes may also be toxic to aquatic organisms and cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.

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