These summerytrousers are the perfect three-quarter pants to brighten any occasion. They are made with 100% lyocell and are silky smooth against your skin.SPECIFICATIONS:Mid-rise, ankle length with concealed front closure, belt loops, inset front pockets and iron in pleat. They have a tailored, straight-legged fit at ankle length. SUSTAINABLYMADE: We LOVE lyocell!This is aneco-friendly, environmentallyandsustainable fabric. Made from wood pulp cellulose, it is produced in a solvent spinning process that is organic, sustainable and uniquely revolutionary.WHY LYOCELL:It's 100% biodegradableIt's made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp.It's created with color-stay in mindIt has natural breathabilityIt has 50% greater moisture absorption than cotton.It's anti-bacterialIt's soft, breathable and comfortableIt's great for sensitive and/or allergenic skinIt's durable and resistant to wrinkles.

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