Toddy Tee - Lynx


Product with a positive environmental impact, promotes traditions and craft/skills, supports diversity and gender inclusivity

NISSIM's newest collection celebrates the beauty and wonder of these stunning creatures that are now ENDANGERED. The Iberian Lynx is the planets most threatened feline and was near on extinction at the turn of this century!!! Today their numbers are healthier through conservation programs like the World Land Trust and very proud to have partnered with. Each piece sold, a percentage of sales goes towards securing endangered land and the habitat of these wonderful creatures.


NISSIM Campaign: 50p from every item sold is donated to their campaign to buy acres of rain forest in Equador, Mexico and Argentina. With every 200 items sold, 1 acre of endangered habitats and wildlife can be secured and protected.

Styling for the NISSIM collection is fitted and garments are cut quite small.

For this garment, it's advisable to select a size up from your normal size, unless a very close fitting silhouette is desired.

Photos shows Royal Blue size 5-6 years.

Table below provides a guideline for sizing. 

Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Wash care: Machine washable at 30˚C/86˚F

Colour: Forest Green with Light Grey Matte Print or Royal Blue with Light Grey Matte Print

Technique: Hand Printed using water based eco-freindly pigments in Somerset, UK. Unique to NISSIM is a always a cheeky print on the back

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