Join the tribe

Iris Waller is a yoga and meditation teacher, local campaigner for a natural lifestyle based in Greenwich, London and a wellness advocate for doTERRA essential oils. Her continuous study of yoga as therapy and daily practice taught her that, if we want change, we must BE the change. 

A self confessed crockery junky, one day she brought home yet another bunch of mismatched unloved tea cups in a huge lot of miscellaneous crockery from an auction, when her husband drew the line - there were enough tea cups in the house to serve tea to the queens garden party and something needed to be done. 

Et voila, Mrs Wallers tea lights were born. Having wondered how she could keep the costs down with all the candles that she uses in her studio, tea-cup candles are the environmentally friendly answer.  All candles are scented with therapy grade essential oils from a company called doTERRA, for whom Iris is a wellness advocate. The pureness of these oils makes them medicinal - pure therapy grade

Off the mat, Iris is a busy mum of two girls, wife, artist, nature lover and cook.

Iris has literally created a 'tribe' of followers in her local community who love to follow her ways of simple yet effective natural living. Those who have chatted with her over a cup of coffee around her lovely kitchen table, know that they will always go back well equipped, full of tips and tricks on how to make some immediate and cost effective changes in their own homes ! 

Whenever possible she escapes to a forgotten part of rural France to recharge her batteries and browse the flea markets for more candle material.