Introducing Shop By Impact

The concept

At Inclusive Trade we have developed for the first time, a simple yet effective way to shop for products by linking them to impact factors / criteria to help customers shop for sustainable and ethically made products
Our impact factors are : social, environmental, gender inclusivity and preservation of craft skills. 
Each product has one more more of the impact icons linked to its description and can be found under the different impact criteria pages. All our brands and their products on are categorised by impact. While being stylish and beautiful, these products all have a positive impact.
By speaking with several consumers over the years and on the other hand in working with many factories and artisans, we realised that there was a gap in the way in which one understood the other.  While all certifications and standards add immense value to the industry at large, we wanted to bring those small artisans and brands who fall between the cracks as they are too small to either afford certifications right away, or are in the process.
They do however continously impact their communities and environments in a great way which is largely undocumented. Our process is based on our experience of working with these producers, interviews specifically for this platform and of course our close network of producers globally. We bring you a first insight through photography where we bring you the story and the process behind. These are photos help document the stories and the processes where possible. It is to provide the consumer with an insight and understanding of this segment of the industry which unfortunately finds it very difficult to make it to mainstream platforms. 
Environmental impact by inclusive trade Social Impact by inclusive trade  Gender Inclusivity by inclusive trade  Preserving craft skills by inclusive trade 
 We only stock products and brands that at least one of these impact criteria inbuilt into their companies or their concepts.  

Collaborations further impact

We actively support and facilitate collaborations between artists and brands to develop and realise sustainable production and design. By putting an artist or illustrator in touch with a producer of recycled materials for example, we are able to further the impact many times.
As this is a new way of working, it is evolving and growing each day. More and more collaborators are developing beautiful products which are sustainable and accessible to the global market. We aim to bring all these stories and products to you through our platform. 

Simple and visual 

We are not an auditing agency and therefore do not claim to provide certifications of legal nature. We are a team of professionals who have worked around the world with factories and artists in fashion, textiles and international trade and development over the past 15 - 20 years and have put these criteria together using our knowledge of the industry. We have focussed on finding initial solutions that are simple and yet effective to address the many problems associated with production and sourcing across the clothing and textiles sector.

We do as we say

We believe that each little step and effort counts and this is our way of adding value for both the producer and the consumer. We work through an open book and open costing method with our brands and suppliers and agree on how to move ahead while supporting each other through the journey. We believe that #transparency and #relationships are our greatest asset and through we are taking the first step towards building a more sustainable e-commerce journey that will help consumers and producers shop in a way which is responsible and without compromise.   
Please read below to understand more about each of the impact criteria we currently offer on this platform and we hope that through these photos you will be able to see how you could make #shopbyimpact a reality!

Social Impact


Social Impact
Shopping by social impact provides you with the opportunity to buy beautiful products such as the 3D baby socks which feature the adorable animal collections which include dino, piggy, kitten, puppy amongst others, while knowing that your baby is already taking little steps towards making the world a better and more sustainable place.
To know more about the story of these amazing socks, read Antonio Prahl's Backstory. To shop for these limited edition socks for babies (and recycled cotton socks for men and women) go to Baby Socks or Socks for Everyone
To shop for all products that have a positive impact on the people and community see more here

Environmental Impact


Environmental Impact


Shopping by environmental impact provides you with the opportunity to buy beautiful products such as the Jaspe Maya Moderno 'BLUSA ANA' which is made from recycled denim jersey made using offcuts of denim jeans which are the waste created during the production of jeans, put together with a gorgeous panel of the unique upcylced vintage Guatemalan 'Jaspe' (mayan handwoven fabric) in a small production in a professional manner by the young brand 'Jaspe Maya Moderno' while they collaborate with 'The New Denim Project' and make their limited pieces in Guatemala. 
To know more about the story of these products by Jaspe Maya Moderno and The New Denim Project, read their Backstory.
To shop for these limited edition 'BLUSA ANA' go to Tops

Gender Inclusivity


Gender Inclusivity by Inclusive trade

Shopping by Gender Inclusivity offers you the opportunity to shop beautiful products such as the 'BLUSA DANIELA' from Jaspe Maya Moderno, or the sophisticated Dresden Handbag by Karin. These are brands are created and developed organically by young mums and passionate female entrepreneurs. We have worked with all these entrepreneurs as part of development projects or through SPINNA Circle to support their initial ideas. It is an absolute pleasure to have them onboard our launching line up as part of the Gender Inclusivity criteria. We are extremely proud of what they have achieved and delighted to now work with them as part of mainstream business online. 
To know more about the story of these products by Jaspe Maya Moderno, or by Karinread their Backstory.
To shop for these limited edition 'BLUSA DANIELA' go to Tops and for luxury handbags such as The Dresden go to Bags

Preservation of Craft Skills 


preserving Craft skills by inclusive trade

Shopping by 'Preservation of Craft Skills' is very close to our hearts. With a background in textiles and art, we are passionate about textile techniques and expression of art. From Tajik embroidery skills to Ethiopian fine paintings and hand drawn pencil illustrations by our East London artist, we celebrate it all and have always wanted to support art and creativity and bring it to consumers in ways that they can appreciate. Shopping by this impact criteria currently offers you products such as the luxurious printed 'coffee picker' silk scarf by Seblewongel Gelan and organic cotton baby grows or sustainable yoga and long sleeve tops by The Kat & Monocle.

Through our SPINNA Circle projects across the world, we have developed a network of artists and skilled artisans who bring immense value to the fashion and textiles industry. Through this section of, we will be able to bring their stories and their products for the first time to global consumers. 

To know more about the story of these products by Seblewongel Gelan and The Kat & Monocle, read their Backstory

To shop for the Coffee Picker and other scarves by Seble as well as some of her original paintings, please go to Scarves. For racer back yoga and long sleeve with illustrations by The Kat & Monocle, please go to Tops


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