Paradise Fashion

Genet Kebede opened “Paradise” Fashion (the English translation of her name) in 1992 with a desire to focus on and promote hand-woven clothing made from traditional Ethiopian cotton with distinctive hand-spun yarns.  Weaving is the most important non-agricultural source of income in Ethiopia, particularly for rural families. The spinning of the raw cotton and weaving is a unique and specialized craft, passed down from family to family.

Genet the owner of paradise fashion

Genet enjoys creating unique textile designs, dyed with natural materials such as turmeric and coffee, and she is passionate about highlighting the use of local Ethiopian materials and empowering skilled artisans in her community.  Paradise Fashions is proud to employ 80 weavers in Chencha, one of the districts in Gamo Gofa Zone, which is considered the Ethiopian hub of hand and loom weaving and where many skilled weavers reside. Genet maintains close relationships with the Chencha weavers as well as 15 permanent employees in her workshop in Addis. They are involved in all the pattern making processes, stitching, designing and hand finishing of the textiles designs.